Talking-Tom-Friends-YouTube-Kids-App-600x369 LA CORRISPONDENZA


Compositing for “La Corrispondenza” by Giuseppe Tornatore, starring Jeremy Irons and Olga Kurylenko for the Milano based studio Storyteller.

 Talking-Tom-Friends-YouTube-Kids-App-600x369 TALKING TOM AND FRIENDS


Compositing for the TV series TALKING TOM AND FRIENDS for Arx anima studio based in Vienna.

 Legend of Longwood LEGEND OF LONGWOOD


Compositing,paint,removal for the feauture film “The legend of Longwood”, FishBlowingBubbles studio in Munich

 savva SAVVA


Stereo compositing in Nuke for this russian animation film by Glukoza Production, Moscow.



Stereo compositing in Nuke for this TV series that mixes together Clay stop motion animation technique with CG environment and character in a stereoscopic output.


Passione sinistra is a movie directed by Marco Ponti. In collaboration with Deusexmachina Studio, we create several shots with CG integration, including a Spaceship attack in Rome (promotional material) and the final shot of the movie, with the Earth in full CG and a complex camera movement. I also made removal shots and other 2d inserctions.
seq001_sh009_L_0045 BLACKIE AND KANUTOBlackie and Kanuto directed by Francis Nielsen is a full CG animation film. In Animoka Studio I was in the compositing team, my tasks were multipass stereo compositing.
verticalmente-demodè-sito-460x230 VERTICALMENTE DEMODEVerticalmente Demode is a documentary about the life of Manolo, the great italian climber. It is directed by Davide Carrari and produced by L’Eubage. In this production I was the Assistant director, the editor and I also made the color correction.
0201genova FARE GLI ITALIANICompositing, editing, rotoscoping, keying for the project called FARE GLI ITALIANI with Lumiq at Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin. It was part of the celebration for “Italia 150”, in collaboration with Studio azzurro.

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